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I am committed to protecting your privacy.  Read below to know the extent of my use regarding your personal information.

  • I collect emails two ways: when a new guest fills out my intake form in person at the time of their hair appointment. Secondly, online when a guest fills out any of the contact boxes, or 'My Account' profile on this website or 'Mishawna Romero Hair' website.

  • The purpose of collecting these emails & addresses, is for use with regards to my online marketing program, welcome email, online booking correspondence or email correspondence.

  • If you supply me with your contact information you may receive periodic emails, mailings, direct messages or texts from me with information on new products or services, important issues or upcoming events.

  • I will never sell any of your personal information. It is for the sole use of 'Mishawna Romero Hair' &/or 'SAGUARO'.

  • When an email is given, you are automatically enrolled to receive my newsletter, every other month.  Should you decide to opt out, scroll to the very bottom of the newsletter, click the link that says: 'Unsubscribe'.  You will no longer receive email newsletters.

  • Additionally should you desire to have no email correspondence with 'Mishawna Romero Hair' &/or 'SAGUARO', and have your email permanently removed from my mailing list, please send me a request to remove email at: You will cease to receive emails from Mishawna Romero Hair & SAGUARO.

  • I collect mailing addresses & birth dates for the purpose of sending birthday special offers, basic marketing campaigns & holiday cards.

  • At anytime you can request to have all of your personal information deleted.  Email me a request at: I will permanently delete your information.

  • Any request of deletion of personal information may take up to 30 business days.

  • Policy updated 3/1/23

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